Monday, February 3, 2014

Best Bright Blushes

  Saks NYC Bobbi Brown counter(circa 1998) I was taught to give myself and everyone I touched with a blush brush a POP on their cheeks. I give it to Bobbi for starting a trend in blush that I can't seem to shake. Now it's back on trend and so are my cheeks. I have gone from sand pink to pale pink to the oh so bright and beautiful peony.  Day to day I will change it up. I find the brighter the blush the better! I really do believe anyone can pull off a great bright blush. We all need that pop. Brides to be, I am talking to you! We have become obsessed with being bronzed and glowing. A beautifully bronzed face with no pop doesn't cut it. Ladies, promise me that you will take a look in the mirror and ask yourselves- "Do I look bronzed?"; Better yet- "Do I look bright and bronzed?". If your answer is no, run to your nearest store or click the links and pick up a Bright Blush.
 It has become much easier to find a Bright Blush now as opposed to 1998. Ladies you can wear this look year round. If you have drier skin pick up a cream blush, normal to oily opt for powder. Below I posted some pictures of clients I have done makeup for with the Best Bright Blushes. Links to the products I use and love. Below are some bright pinks, corals and of course my original go to blushes.
  Bobbi Brown  Pot rouge in Calypso Coral or Pale Pink are great cream options. You can also use the pot rouge for your lips! Other great powder options from Bobbi are: Berry, Apricot, Nectar and Cranberry.  Favorite blush brush to pair with the powders is also from Bobbi. Happy popping, I mean shopping! xo

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