Friday, January 31, 2014

Are yours real? I mean your lashes...

To enhance or not to enhance that is the question. 
 We all love fake lashes and extensions but sometimes you just need to give your lashes a rest and go back to a simple life and just wear mascara. It is so hard to keep up,yea yea with the Kardashians and with all the adds on TV, raving that this product will make your lashes look like they are a mile long  or that product that will plump your lashes like Brandi Glanville's  _ i_ s (you fill in the blank). We see the models and we know better. They are usually wearing extensions, strips or some added individuals and of course the occasional photo shopped lashes! All of these adds make you run to the drugstore and scoop up any lash building product you can find. You get home and are instantly thrilled or completely disappointed. It all depends on if you bought the right mascara for your lash type.
 I am here to set the record straight. It does work, mascara does work! Mascara has amazing powers! All by its lonesome, you just have to find the perfect one for your lashes. As a makeup artist, I see around 20-25 sets of eyes per week. The straight lashes, the white lashes, the barely there and the long fine lashes, oh and the pre-curled lashes. If I missed your lash type I apologize, and promise you will find one that you love listed below. The mascaras I am listing as must haves will literally cover them all. 
 What you want to do is find a jet black, thick but not goopy mascara with a great wand. Waterproof is all about preference. Waterproofing the lashes is a definite YES for weddings and other events (Vegas pool party) or if you are a teary eyed gal. I personally like a non waterproof for everyday. 

 My personal favorite is Bad Gal from Benefit it is great for someone that wants to lengthen, thicken,separate and make the lashes intense. It is a matte black formula which helps make it look more like you are wearing false lashes. I have blonde medium length semi full lashes and this mascara definitely takes me up to the look of a set of falsies without the fuss. I will post a before and after pic. I use this mascara on a daily basis.
Another Benefit fan fave of mine and lots of my clients is, They're Real great for the girl with a shorter thicker lash line and or someone with a straighter lash. This mascara will help lengthen the lash and intensify the thickness without clumping and making the lashes heavy looking. The brush is designed to get right to the root of the lash. This mascara also helps curl the lash as well. This formula is glossy as it goes on and can be layered over Bad Gal. The two together can still maintain their silky formula even when layered.

My other favorite thing about these two mascaras is this! They come in a mini size and I literally have them everywhere.

 My favorite for my makeup kit is Smashbox full exposure. I use this for most of my clients for so many reasons. Lengthening fibers mixed with a volumizing formula. The brush is great too. It thickens and lengthens the lash while separating. The mascara can layer without clumping or flaking! It is jet black and not goopy at all. 

check out my mascara free lashes and my Bad Gal lashes

No Mascara
With Benefit Bad Gal

Enjoy giving your lashes a rest and trying out these mascaras. xo

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