Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What we put in our bodies matters, how about what we put on our bodies?

 Over the years I have become more conscious about the food my family and I eat. Going from healthy mainstream foods to organic, then gluten free and gmo free. We feel good, enjoy what we eat and have found this transition quite smooth. It all started with milk and eggs, then fruits and veggies and have eventually incorporated meat, poultry and other foods. 
I never thought what was going on our skin was important; but how could it not be?
As we have been on this healthy journey to improve our well being, it's only natural to worry about what is going on our skin. I started out really slow. I will take you through the process and will add products as I find them.
 I am dedicating my next few posts to skin. Natural cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and treatment (anti aging) products. I will also add what we use for our son, Mason.
To start off I tried a bunch of products from a company GoldfadenMD. Wow!! The first dermatologist developed natural skincare brand! 
Organic, natural ingredients. When do you read that on a product? I was almost hooked. 
No animal testing! Score
Mineral, alcohol, silicone, paraben and gluten free! Holy...can I say cow???
This was for me. I needed to incorporate this line into my life and into my makeup kit. 
I forgot to mention hypo-allergenic! It just keeps getting better, right? 
Did I mention I am sooo sensitive? I literally breakout (hive or pimple) if someone looks at me the wrong way. Not this time. This stuff works. 

So here is a breakdown of these amazing products that I have tried:

Doctors scrub: smells delicious ,feels great on the skin and will not dry out the skin. My skin looked immediately brighter and clearer. No redness after I used, which is a usual occurrence. But the best part, wait for it... I think my pores are starting to look smaller! Yay!

I am always searching for the perfect oil free moisturizer. The ones that I have used in the past gave a minimal amount of hydration and didn't do anything for the tone or texture of my skin.  I have finally found one that does not dry me out, and does something for the appearance of my skin.

Vital Boost: the lightest of scents, oil free moisturizer. Great for all skin types. Infused with rejuvenating Vit D and hyaluronic acid. My skin felt instantly hydrated and glowing. This lasts all day and I have not been shiny at all. I have noticed my skin becoming smoother and clearer and 100% brighter.

Some of the amazing ingredients in these products are:
 Oil of grapefruit- helps cleanses and clear blemishes
 Coq10-protects the skin from free radicals and helps improve collagen
 Retinol- Vit A in a pure form, helps diminish the appearance of fine lines
 Hyaluronic Acid-revitalizes damaged tissue increases the skin’s viscosity and  elasticity
I am so excited to continue using and incorporating this line into my kit. My next product to try out is their cleanser ,  peel and the light treatment for discoloration. I will keep everyone posted! feel free to ask any questions and add your favorite products!


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