Thursday, February 13, 2014

What we put on our bodies. Part 2

 As promised I continue to review and use products that are healthy on our skin and for our skin.  I was sent a full line of Hush&Dotti vegan, gluten free, organic products. Wow! I get to try all these goodies?
 Well I was pleasantly surprised to find that I loved each one. As some of my friends, clients and family already know the eye balm is my fave!! I recommend it to everyone I talk to. It comes in a stick, how convenient and sanitary. Amazing for someone who doesn't like the usual pot of eye cream. I mainly use it at night but it can be used under makeup as well. GREAT for the dry skin guys and gals. I think my 2 favorite ingredients in this product are arnica, which fights darkness and cucumber will cool and de-puff. I find every other eye cream/balm I have used will leave me puffy by morning. NOT this one. The scent of the eye balm is incredible thanks to theses little ingredients, oh and they are beneficial too! 1-Grape seed reduces signs of aging and, 2-sweet orange oil brightens the under eye. I have been using it on my hands and cuticles too!
 The sugah sand is divine! I am a sensitive skin girly, and this mixed with the hot cloth cleanser is amazing. The balmy butter and the scrubby sand create the perfect mix (as little as you want or as much as you need) to slough off any dead skin while hydrating the new baby skin underneath. The sugah is literally like looking at the beach in a bottle. I have been using it face, neck and chest for the last couple of weeks and what a smooth difference. I only do it 1-2 times a week. For someone with severely flaky or oily skin you can do every other night for radiant glowing smooth as silk skin.
 The product that scared me at first was the dream drops. I thought, I am combination skin with a tendency to breakout why would I put oil on my skin??? Listen up ladies this is why: hydrate skin and sooth skin with one product packed with vitamin a (retinol think retin a) vitamin e (antioxidant) and vitamin c(collagen building). In other words great for all skin types. Normal skin with no issues just in need of great hydration; the dry ladies worried about anti aging and dark spots; and great for an oily skin with acne scarring. Fun tip, drop into palms of hand and press onto face and neck, use the leftover on hands and elbows. A definite before bed treat!

 I have really enjoyed my Hush&Dotti experience and will continue to use and incorporate these products into my life and my makeup kit. As a makeup artist getting the skin hydrated and prepped correctly is very important. Makeup can not be flawless without flawless skin. We all need to work harder on getting our skin right. Healthy eating, and healthy skin care make for a healthy glow. xoxo

P.S what to use on our bodies is next! stay tuned

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