Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Guru or just a Googler? Gwyneth, I get it.

    I know most of you don't agree with The Guru Gwyneth and what she stands for or claims not to stand for, but I get it. I get Gwyneth. In a  new article for Vanity Fair Gwyneth explains that she is a common woman, a common mom. We are all common women, common moms, and common people. We all do things a bit differently. We are intrigued by what someone else is doing or has done, likes and loves and obviously covets.
 As Gwyneth birthed GOOP in 2008, I gave birth to my son. Since then, I too became an advice giver. Who am I kidding? I was always an advice giver. I just had a different way of giving the said advice and asking it. Facebook was a game changer for me. Oh, and of course Google! I google everything! Who doesn't?
  We (anyone that blogs, gives advice or has information to share) are all doing the same thing that Gwyneth is doing; sharing knowledge or new found knowledge about something they are passionate about. May it be the best new gluten free recipe, skincare product or new it shoe. We have all wandered over to GOOP, for advice of the best restaurant in FiDi, the newest Tracy Anderson video and yes the hottest new sunglasses. Don't lie you know you have and you lived every second of it. Even if it was out of your league (or mine), we still love GOOP. You hate it?  Why do we always have to be haters? Be happy for women and what we all have to offer each other. Gwyneth might be consciously uncoupling or steaming her vag. So what???
 We love to give advice, right? I know I do. People ask me stuff all the time. Skincare questions, makeup questions, what I eat, where I eat, where I workout (if I am at that moment) and where I shop? I am a happy advice giver. If you don't want to hear it don't listen. But it is everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google, every bit of social media; it is all a platform for giving advice and answering questions just like Gwyneth's blog GOOP. We might not all agree on the advice that is given but it is there. There when you are bored, in a pinch for a fabulous recipe to impress your mother-in-law or new mom friend or while planning a great night out. We all do it we ask, we receive. We are all common, including Gwyneth. Maybe, we are just on a different playing field? Isn't that ok?

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